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The Great Irish Potato Famine

By James S. Donnelly, Jr.

Natural disaster, managerial incompetence, or genocidal mistreatment? Much has been said of the disaster which claimed nearly one million Irish lives, and in this book, Donnelly considers all the posssible angles. From examining the root causes of the blight itself, to the political and social attitudes held by the British toward the Irish, Donnelly's book pulls from a variety of sources, both historical and contemporary, to construct a more complete understanding of the causes and impact of the Great Hunger.

While personally rejecting claims of an orchestrated British genocide agains the Irish, he does put forth much evidence to suggest that the British failure to adequately address the famine stemmed from a fundatmentally racist treatment of the Irish people. This book is a must-read for anyone with an interest in the history and struggles of the Irish.