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     Quick's new, ambitious novel, set during the Golden Age of Hollywood, sparkles with wit and clever plotting. Readers will be swept away to the 1930s, as Quick gives a glimpse of the grimy truth behind Hollywood's glamorous facades and proves that she is a titan of historical thrillers.
     Living in New York, Irene Glasson drives cross-country to California after her boss warns her to leave town -- and is then found murdered.  In an attempt to re-create herself, Glasson starts a new life as a gossip reporter.  At the Burning Cove Inn, a secluded hotel for only the rich and famous, she lands an interview with the up-and-coming actor Nick Tremayne, who seems to have some secrets of his own.
     Unfortunately for Glasson, murder seems to be follow her, and she finds herself partnering with Inn owner and ex-magician, Oliver Ward.  And even though they are Initially suspicious of each other, time and trust eventually work in their favor to turn things around.  
     This is a swiftly moving romance that brims with surprising plot twists and turns.  Readers will thoroughly enjoy it!